Mar. 1st, 2016

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This sort of got inspired by a group of artists I follow making a comic called "What's so Great About Multiplicity?".

And it made me think of the little, nice things that people might not immediately think of - but are still pretty much down to us being 'Kin in a "butterfly flaps it's wings" kind of way.

And one of those is Guild Wars 2!  I mean, in some ways, we pretty much got it for 'Kin reasons.  There is one species you can play as - the Sylvari - who are basically plant people who are part of a hivemind and who don't have the same conceptions of gender as humans.  Hey, it's basically us! :P

And so we decided to get the game. Now , we have a mixed history with video games, where there are a lot we can't play "well enough" due to movement issues.  And others we love.  And we had friends actually being concerned that we might spend money on this game and then not be able to play  well enough and just end up frustrated.  But we knew that we would spend enough time playing with the character creator if nothing else. :P

Well, it turns out we're actually good at this game!  And we have really gotten into it, both on a gameplay/strategy level, and on a worldbuilding level.  (The worldbuilding and backstory is interesting as hell!)

And we now have one character who's reached Lvl 80, and one at 79!

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Just some appreciation and love for D and T.  Because they don't get enough and they've been very helpful lately.  Especially given how they were "the enemies" for a time.

Also, things have actually been pretty bad lately, almost as bad as the Bad Times - and one of the reasons that we've been basically ok as opposed to how we were then *is* because we're working together and take care of eachother.


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